Photographers on Creating and Selling Printed Products


In this video, four members of Professional Photographers of America from all walks of life discussed how print touches their lives as photographers as well as their clients'. You'll see them talk about the importance of understanding print art from the base level, the appeal of print to photography clients, how print affects your reputation, and how it boosts your profitability.

Mary Fisk-Taylor Shares The Value of Print


This video beautifully shows the value of printing. It exemplifies how offering printed products can truly delight and evoke powerful emotions from your clients. At the same time, you can see the monetary value these products can add to your business.

The Print Movement Course at Imaging USA 2017


Hear from three incredibly successful portrait photographers as they share their take on valuing the craft of photography as a finished art form, defining success, caring for your clients and how you can own your place in this profession.

Preserve Your Family Memories with Printed Photographs


This is a message to share with your clients. It's a brief insight of the current photo trends. It strikes with emotion as it reminds people about the dangers of lost digital files and other disasters. Help educate your client by sharing this video with them, and showing them the power of PRINT.

Message From Anne Geddes


A brief message from Anne Geddes to help get your other photographer friends on board. This world-renowned photographer is a proponent of print, and the benefits it contains not only for the client, but also for you as the photographer. Share this video now with other photographers to get them involved with the movement!

Join Your Fellow Photographers in PRINT. The Movement


Print artists are more profitable and more successful when they focus on giving their clients a final, tangible product. This video includes stats and numbers that are staggering. Share this with your fellow photographers to hammer home the affects of the "digital dump."

Behind Every Face There's A Story

By Tim Walden, M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP

As a portrait artist, Tim has the passion for print. He also feels an obligation to share printed images with his clients. This video really shows the deep connection and emotional feelings that a print can produce. Once you watch, you'll feel the drive to be a print artist.

Photography Is Best Enjoyed In Print

By Bryan Caporicci

This video tells the story of print without a single bit of dialogue. Remember the floppy disk? You can bet many of your clients probably don't. And disks don't look good hanging on walls. This video, perfect for display in your studio, will help your clients to understand technology comes and goes, but prints are forever.