Printing Lifelong Memories

A survey conducted by PPA revealed that 67% of respondents store their photos on their phone or computer. In this digital age, there are still great risks that come with not producing tangible prints. Most people will think: “I saved them on my hard drive!” True, but what if your computer crashes, or maybe there is power surge and you forget to save your images in the process? These images and your work as a photographer can be gone, forever, and you might have no way of recovering the files. 

There are even troubles when saving images on the cloud. Online storage subscriptions can become costly and with the changes in technology, future recovery of images on DVDs may be compromised. Because images are no longer tangibly accessible there is a real risk that future generations won’t have cherished family memories for their own.

PRINT. The Movement. 

The infographic below shows in a simple way where we stand and the risks we’re facing. Print. For Memories. For Life.

PRINT_Infographic_720x2400_Final.jpgThis infographic was produced by PPA - Professional Photographers of America, for PRINT. The Movement.